Promote Your Business


In order to maximize Eferral for Business, generate new referrals, and grow sales, YOU MUST

PROMOTE your new Referral Incentives program on an active basis!   If not, you will not be maximizing the benefits of Eferral.


The good news is that we've made it very easy for you to promote your business and your Referral Incentive offering directly from the Eferral Business app. 

See below instructions and tips on promoting your Referral Incentive program.

How to Promote

Directly from the Eferral Business app

1. Login to your Eferral Business App.

2. Click on "Promote" button at the bottom of your Business Dashboard (the main screen).

3. SOCIAL MEDIA - click on the "Promote To My Network" button and select the social media network you'd like to share your new referral program with.

3. To An INDIVIDUAL - To send promote your referral program to an individual, select "Tell an Individual".  From here you can choose to send a Text Message, utilize WhatsApp.

4.  GENERATE YOUR UNIQUE REFERRAL LINK:  You may generate a unique referral link and share with anyone via a copy/paste feature to email, social media platforms, etc.. This link will provide an invite message and a direct download for the free Eferral for Consumer app and add your Business.  Once they do this, they will be able to refer you with just a few clicks! 

5.  EMAIL - While the Eferral Business app can generate a unique referral link that you can share via email with your contact database, we also have created a template that you could use to get the word out quickly!  Just be sure to update the key fields, as well as, include your unique Referral Link that is specific to your business.  ** Again, this link can be found by logging in to your Eferral Business app, click on the "Promote" button at the bottom of your home page, and copy paste the link that generates.  The link will provide your customers/prospects with a invite message and direct link to download the free Eferral Consumer app.  Once they download Eferral for Consumer, your Business will auto load to their "Favorites" directory. 

Click here to access our email template to help you get the word out quickly!

Note - when you promote your Business via the Eferral Business app, you are essentially sending your contacts a link to download the Eferral for Consumer app, as well as, a note about your new Referral Incentive program.  You may edit this note prior to sending via SMS/email, or posting to social media.  To view the difference between the Eferral Consumer and the Eferral Business app, click here.


The Eferral Benefit

With Eferral, your business is only charged a fee when you confirm that a sale transpired as a result of a referral being sent to you via the Eferral Consumer app. Simply put, if you don't sell a product or service to the person that was referred to you via the Eferral Consumer app, then there is no cost to use the Eferral platform.  It's that simple!