Getting Started Guide


You just signed up for an Eferral Business account!  Now what?

Here are some tips and recommended next steps in order to grow your business through Word-of-Mouth marketing and maximize all the benefits the Eferral Platform has to offer.



1)  BILLING SETUP - Ensure your Billing Method has been setup.  If this is not done, your Business will not be accessible or referable via the free Eferral Consumer.  Quick Steps Guide - Billing Setup

2)  REFERRAL INCENTIVES Customize your Referral Incentives as there are two of them!  Quick Steps Guide - Referral Incentive Setup

3)  CUSTOMER APP DOWNLOADS - Invite your Customers to download the free Eferral for Consumer app:  Your customers will need to download the free Eferral for Consumer app in order to refer you new prospects.  See #4 below for app download instructions.  

4)  PROMOTE YOUR REFERRAL PROGRAM - Promote, Promote, Promote !!! - You should want to get the word out about your new Referral Incentive program ASAP!

  • For most businesses, email is the quickest way to do so.  For others, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram are ideal.  View our "Promoting your Business" guide to help you with promoting    Quick Steps Guide - Promoting your Business

  • Note - when you promote your Business via the Eferral Business app, you are essentially sending your contacts a link to download the Eferral for Consumer app, as well as, a note about your new Referral Incentive program.  You may edit this note prior to sending via SMS/email, or posting to social media.  To view the difference between the Eferral Consumer and the Eferral Business app, click here.

4)  CONFIRM ALL SUCCESSFUL TRANSACTIONS !!!  Don't forget to login to your Eferral Business app and confirm when a new sale has been completed!  If you don't, the person that referred you the new customer will never be paid their Cash Referral Incentive (if one is being offered).

5)  CALL ALL PROSPECTS REQUESTING A CALL - Be sure to call any new Referral in a timely manner.  Any referred lead who has requested to be called will have their phone number populate in your Eferral Business app.  

Word-of-Mouth referrals are the #1 Source (or 64%) of NEW customers obtained.  Social media coming in a far 2nd (at 18%).

- Source - GoDaddy.com

75% of all consumers conversations about brands happen face-to-face, 15% happen over the phone and just 10% online.

-Source - Journal of Advertising Research