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ANNOUNCEMENT - New Referral Incentive Program


Hello from your friends at YourBusinessName,

We’d like to take a moment and say, “Thank you!” to all of our customers for your continued support. To do more than just a “thanks,” we’ve decided to reward you by implementing a new Referral Incentive Program, now available via the free Eferral mobile app.   

We are now offering a Cash Referral Incentive for each successful referral that you send our way through the Eferral app.  Additionally, we are offering each person you refer to us, a New Customer Incentive, which is currently:  YourNewCustomerIncentive.  

Joining our Referral Program is quick and easy:


  1. Download the FREE Eferral App:  Download Eferral from your app store for either iPhone or Android and sign-up for a FREE Eferral account.

  2. Add our Business to your Eferral App:  Login to the Eferral App, click on, “Send Referral", then in the search box at the top, type in:  YourBusinessName.  This will add our business to your favorites tab;

  3. Or, you may wish to click the following link below to download and auto add our business after signing in.   Download now:   [Insert your unique link generated by the Eferral Business App] ------ DELETE THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU DON'T ADD YOUR CUSTOM LINK -- DELETE THIS SENTENCE.


Start Referring and get paid: Refer us through your new Eferral app with just a few “clicks”.  It takes less than 10 seconds!

If one of your referrals does business with us, you will be paid a Referral Incentive!

We thank you for being a valued customer, and we are confident that we can provide the same level of service to your friends and family!



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