Getting Started Guide

Congratulations! You just signed up for an Eferral Business User account!  Now what?

Here are some recommended next steps in order to grow your business through Word-of-Mouth marketing and maximize all the benefits the Eferral Platform has to offer.

  • Get your customers to refer your Business through the Eferral app, which your customers can download for free from the Apple iTunes or Google Play app stores.  

  • Your Customers WILL get paid a CASH REFERRAL INCENTIVE for each successful referral they send your way.  Also, their referrals can receive a New Customer Incentive (if you offer one) because they were referred by an existing Customer (“raving fan”) of yours.

Step 1 - Notify Your Customers!

Urgent!  You should want to get the word out about your new Referral Incentive program ASAP! For most businesses, email will be the quickest way to do so. You may also consider social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.


Use our template to get the word out quickly!



  • Word-of-Mouth referrals are the #1 Source (or 64%) of NEW customers obtained.  Social media coming in a far 2nd (at 18%).
    -Source - GoDaddy.com


  • 75% of all consumers conversations about brands happen face-to-face, 15% happen over the phone and just 10% online.  
    -Source - Journal of Advertising Research



  • This announcement may be communicated to your customer base via Email, Social Media, or regular advertisements.


  • Your Target Audience includes ALL Current and Past Customers


  • Your customer announcement (use our template to make this easy!) should explain to your customers the following three items:  

    1. Your business can now be EASILY referred to their friends and family with few “clicks”;

    2. They could receive a CASH incentive for any successful referral they send to you; and

    3. The person they refer to you could receive a discount for the service and/or product



  • Copy/paste our sample notification message into any one of your advertising vehicles (e.g., email, social media), update it with your company information, and send it out!


  • Incorporate your notification into your marketing / email campaigns.


Step 2 - Login to Your Eferral Dashboard

Login to confirm when a transaction has been completed so that your customer will be paid ASAP.


Confirm any Pending Referral Transactions.  “Confirm” any pending transaction so that your customers (i.e., your “Referral Partners”) will get paid for their referral.  IF YOU DON’T “CONFIRM” that the transaction was completed, your customers WILL NOT GET PAID!

  • Make sure to confirm EVERY successful transaction that has occurred (i.e., the person referred to your business has purchased goods/services from you).  

  • While your business may choose to not offer a Referral Incentive, Eferral will still pay each of your Referral Partner’s a minimum of $1 for each successful transaction!  So, please confirm each successful transaction.

Call NEW Referrals Back in a timely manner. Any referred leads who have requested to be called will have their phone number populated on your Eferral dashboard (www.myeferral.com). 


Step 3 - Track your Progress

Measure your ROI:  Utilize myEferral Analytics (accessed from within your account at www.myEferral.com) to measure the success of your referral campaigns and tailor your Referral Incentives and New Customer Incentives to maximize your new customer growth!

Top Referral Sources:  Preview who has been referring you to identify your top referral sources.