Eferral App Differences 

Consumer vs. Business 

The Eferral Consumer app is a separate and FREE app for you to share with your customer base.  This app is not the same as your Eferral Business app, which is where you will manage your entire Referral Incentive program.

  • For your customers, they will use the Eferral Consumer app to send warm referrals your way, which will populate directly within your Eferral Business app.  


  • We always recommend that each Eferral Business app user download and use the Eferral Consumer app as well.  This will give you a better idea as to how your customers will be sending referrals your way, see incentives offered by your business, receive payments for successful referrals, and much more. To download the Eferral Consumer app, click here.

** IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Eferral Business app is the place where you will confirm that a transaction was completed.  In other words, a prospective customer that was referred to you via the Eferral Consumer app, purchased goods/services from you.  


Additionally, you may also promote your business and your Referral Incentives program to your customer/contact list by sending a digital invite for them to download and start referring your business through the Eferral Consumer app.

The Eferral Benefit

With Eferral, your business is only charged a fee when you confirm that a sale transpired as a result of a referral being sent to you via the Eferral Consumer app. Simply put, if you don't sell a product or service to the person that was referred to you via the Eferral Consumer app, then there is no cost to use the Eferral platform.  It's that simple!