Billing Setup

Establishing a method of payment for your Eferral Business account is extremely critical!

** IMPORTANT:  Without your payment information on file, your customers will not be able to access or refer your business through the free Eferral Consumer app. 

How to:  Billing Setup

Steps to setup your Billing Method directly from the Eferral Business App

1. Login to your Eferral Business App.

2. Navigate to the upper left-hand corner of your Business Dashboard and click on the three lines (i.e., the menu button).

3.  Click on "Edit Billing"

4.  You may utilize Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal.  Note - if you select PayPal as your preferred billing method, then the 3.0% credit card processing fee would not apply. 

** IMPORTANT:  Eferral will only charge your payment method on file when you've confirmed a successful referral has transpired.  Platform Pricing is explained at the very bottom of this email.  In short, there is a 3.0% credit card processing fee (if applicable) for all billing methods with the exception of PayPal.  If you've setup your preferred billing method with a PayPal account, then there would be no credit card processing fee.   

** View our Pricing Model Summary and examples.

How to:  Verify Setup

Steps to verify that Billing Setup was done properly

1. Download the free Eferral Consumer app (download now)


2. From the main page, "Referral Dashboard", click on the "Send Referral" button at the bottom of the app.


3.  In the Search box at the top of the "My Businesses" page, enter the first few letters of your business name.  If you've setup your billing method properly, your business will populate in the search. 


From here, you can add it as a favorite.  These are the steps that your customer would take in order to refer your business:  1) Download the Consumer app;  2) Search and add your Business;  3) Start referring to their friends!


The Eferral Benefit

Setting up and managing your referral program is all handled through your Eferral Business app so that you can manage on the go!  We automate the billing, the payouts, 1099s to your customers (if applicable), and tracking all referrals sent/received!